loggrep - news

2002-05-16 loggrep-0.4.2.tar.gz
Documentation update.

2002-05-15 loggrep RPM's are available now. Many thanks to William Stearns.

2001-07-23 loggrep-0.4.tar.gz
Small bugfixes. Finished xml support.

The xml interface seems to be working now, but it's not complete. Please repot bugs of loggrep-0.3 to me in order to fix them before creating a new release.

I've resumed working on loggrep after 2 months. Currently I am working on a xml interface.
Please report any bugs in order to fix it.

2001-04-27 loggrep-0.3.tar.gz
Added configure. Support for IPCHAINS and IPTABLES.

Parser rewritten. IPTABLES logfiles didn't work with it.
New version is comming soon.

2001-04-02 loggrep-0.2.tar.gz
General logfiles are supported now. Please consult the README file for details.

2001-03-20 loggrep-0.1.tar.gz
First release. Only 2.2.x kernel log files are supported.